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Kristiina Ihamuotila "Virtaava Vesi" (Running Water) | 1980s Vintage Handwoven Finnish Wall Tapestry


This handwoven Finnish wall tapestry by textile artist Kristiina Ihamuotila is a textured, dimensional piece entitled "Virtaava vesi" (Running Water). Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cotton and wool rug embodies Ihamuotila's signature style, inspired by the flowing movements of water. Each element of the design reflects a harmonous balance of organic shapes and hues, evoking a sense of fluidity and energy.

This statement piece's neutral tones pair well with similarly hued furniture and accessories. Pull out accent colors from the rug for pillows, throws, or other artwork to create a cohesive and balanced look that ties the space together. The differing textures of the piece provide depth and visual interest to your space.


Materials: Cotton, Wool

Measurements: 1.5" D x 64.9" W x 43.3" H

Year of Production:1983

Country of Origin: Finland

Condition: Good, Original (Some imperfections)


Kristiina Ihamuotila, Finnish textile artist, studied at Kreeta Pohjanheimo Art Textile School in Helsinki. A lover of jazz dance and farming, she has spent the majority of her years at her family's Hista manor house in Espoo, Finland. Her son, Mika, currently serves as the Chairman for the iconic mid century modern Finnish textile, clothing, and home furnishings company Marimekko.

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Kristiina Ihamuotila "Virtaava Vesi" (Running Water) | 1980s Vintage Handwoven Finnish Wall Tapestry



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