HOPP was founded with the hopes of bringing quality design, craftsmanship, and a sense of curiosity into peoples homes.  The pieces are sourced largely from Scandinavian countries including Denmark and Sweden from the 1930's-70's.  While not limited to these regions, there is a common thread of items rooted in warm, yet simple materials that carry a democratic and timeless appeal.  Some of the collection features design classics from well known designers like Hans Wegner and Charlotte Perriand, while others are anonymous, but represent the look and feel of the time period in which they were made.  The play of high and low, and of the famous and unknown is what creates an interesting and fun environment. 

These pieces were made decades ago and can now start telling
a new story in your home. 
"The future enters into us – long before it happens."
From poet Rainer Maria Rilke